Questions to Ask at a Hen's Night Party

Ever had the feeling that there are just some bits of her past your best friend is willingly hiding from you?

Hehehe, no longer! Her hen’s night party is the ideal time to get it all out of her.

So let’s think about the most devious way to do this. Of course you wouldn’t start the hens day, night or weekend with interrogation.

A brilliant way to kick off the day is with some fun activities. One advantage of such  activities is that they get everyone involved and are a great way to connect. Often at hens parties the girls don’t know each other and for the shy ones this can be a big ordeal.

At Hens Party Ideas Adelaide we have a whole array of suggestions: fun ideas to launch a hen’s party.

You could try:

Life Drawing


Bollywood Dancing

Hens Party Adelaide, Bollywood Dance Party, Private Venue

Cocktail Making Class


Burlesque – the Art of Tease


The Magician – learn some new tricks!

After some activities time to get devious:  everyone gets together in circle format.


The bridesmaids organise a box of questions. Each question gets written on a little note. The box of questions gets passed around. First you put some harmless questions in the box and start with those.


  • Where did you go on your first date?

  • What year did you meet?

  • What date is your wedding (you’d be surprised how many get this wrong!!)

Add some questions about her beloved:

  • What’s his favourite movie?

  • How many times did he take his driving test?

  • What shoe size is he?

  • If he could be any animal which one would he choose and why?

  • What is his favourite joke?

  • What was the most embarrassing thing he did in front of your parents?

Then you could switch gears from small talk to medium talk:

  • Who is more likely to deal with a spider invasion?

  • If he was to have plastic surgery what would he have done?

  • Which film stars does his best mate dote on?

  • Which film stars does he dote on?

  • If you let him, which of those would he sleep with?And then you can get naughtier:


Hmmh like…which position would he choose? Or something even better – up to your imagination.

And then …you pop that question-the one you’ve always wanted to have answered.

and BINGO – you’ve got your answer hehehe!


Questions to Ask at a Hen"s Night Party


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