Awesome Hens Night Party Gift Ideas


 A quote I love:
“Give others all that is alive in us—our interest, understanding, our knowledge, our humour, everything in us that’s good. In doing so, we enhance the sense of aliveness in others while enhancing our own.” Erich Fromm , a social philosopher, on the art of gift giving.
“What can we give her?”
“What present should we buy her?”
“What gift should I get her?” or even just
“What about gifts?”

Do these questions sound familiar? Probably! - they get asked prior to birthday parties, dinner parties, hen’s parties, weddings, farewell parties in fact prior to almost any social gathering where one person is the focal point.
Giving that perfect gift can be a major challenge. The task can be fraught with fear:  Aahhh!!! What if she hates it or is embarrassed by it?

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, be they cultural or personal, so find out what they are. Luckily, very few people are bothered by someone asking what kind of things they like, so just ask.
For example: “What gift would you like to get most of all?” To that you could add: “And what would you definitely not like to get?”

What if you friend can’t come up with anything? Just share some of the gift giving ideas we’ve listed below with her and remember which ones made her eyes sparkle.

If being that direct feels too daunting you could always ask someone who knows the party princess better than you to do the questioning.
Here at Hens Party Adelaide (specialists in creating classy, fun and creative party packages for women) we think that gifts rule.  They inspire the gift giver, strengthen the bond of friendship, and make the recipient totally happy, too!
The key question is: What distinguishes a brilliant gift from a merely ordinary one?
Three qualities:
1.       Positive evocation: The gift evokes positive feelings for the recipient – it smells, tastes, looks, sounds or feels wonderful to her.
2.       Mnemogenicity: The gift reminds the recipient of you the gift giver – regularly if possible!
3.       Longevity: The gift is something the recipient wants to keep for a long time.
Make sure your gift has these three qualities and you can’t go wrong.
Remember that to come up with something truly spectacular may mean sharing costs with other close friends or associates – much better than lots of little things that aren’t really wanted or needed!
We girls from Hens Party Adelaide find that exploring gifts in terms of categories is helpful:
Three gift categories:
·         The gift of experiences
Giving your friend
- tickets to a concert or show
- a voucher for a restaurant meal
- creating a fun event for her eg a life drawing or life painting party with a gorgeous nude male model

      and a charming topless waiter

      at a cool venue in Adelaide (like the Prince Albert Hotel, the Cuckoo Bar or the Edinburgh Castle).
- If she’s a daring kind of person,organise a session where she and her friends get to paint (on) one of Hens Party Adelaide’s gorgeous models.

·         The gift of consumables
This could be wine, food or art related.
- Champagne is always a winner, or a good bottle of red.
- Yummm, those delicious chocolates you can buy at Adelaide’s central market.
- Some art from ART LOGIC, a grassroots Adelaide based art business. You can choose from over 1300 works of art on their website, they have all different price ranges.

·         The gift of something homemadeHomemade gifts are really personal. And in the age of cheap mass produced goods, the love that comes with a handmade gift makes all the difference.
- A favourite cake or pie or something with a longer shelf life like chilli oil, custom spice blends or infused oils. You could include little recipe cards with each gift to give ideas how to use each item.

-          Not that practised at creating home-made presents? Book into one of Hens Party Adelaide’s craft-art classes with Lou.

-  Have our bookmaker Ky make a handmade book for you. For example a book with photos of your friend doing things she loves. Or a book with photos of all her good friends and family with something personal each of them has said about her next to it. This can be done whether you live in Adelaide or in some other part of the world.

Well...those are some of our ideas. I hope they've inspired you. Let us know your ideas too please.