Orlane's Hens Night Party

Thank you Jacqueline and Lou for making my hen’s party such a memorable experience not only as a Bride-To-Be but as a woman and as a friend!
And a new born artist!... I like to think so anyway....

See, it is my second time around getting married! I am a middle-aged, single (not for long anymore though!!!) working mother of two! I am to be married this coming week-end! When I got engaged a year ago, I thought....this time around, the wedding and everything around it should be fun! Looking back to my first marital experience over 20 years ago, I can’t seem to find genuine good memories about my wedding which I ended catering for myself (can you even imagine cooking at your own wedding? I did and although I can look back and smile, it was no fun!). I had no engagement party and never even considered a hen’s party or a bachelor party for my husband-to-be!!!

So this time around I was determined to have FUN and remember the whole experience of getting married again with a huge grin on my face! I would make the whole experience as stress free as possible and leave it in the hands of the experts starting with my “girlie” party!

I was blessed to meet Jacqueline, one of the owner of Hens Party Adelaide at the opening of an art gallery! She is so easy to talk to, with an infectious smile and genuine friendliness! We got talking and unbeknown to me I had just met the lady who was going to help me have a great time at my “hen’s party”. It was so easy...I e-mailed Jacqueline at henspartyadelaide@gmail.com and she got back to me in no time! We arranged a meeting and discussed the different options which I had read about on her wonderful website! I also got to meet Lou, her business partner, equally friendly and professional!

Both ladies really listened to me and we agreed that Life Painting would be the theme of my party! I was torn between so many of their great choices like the Bollywood or Belly Dancing Options! But I felt confident after that meeting that Life Painting was the way to go thanks to the expert advice of Jacqueline and Lou!

After that meeting, there was nothing to worry about but to send a list of my girlfriends and their contact details! Lou and Jacqueline did the rest and kept me updated! I just had to rock-up on the day and feel super special!!! And have FUN!

This was really my day! And my girlfriends and I got to experience something that none of us had done before! Life Painting with a real model!

We got to discover our artistic sides (or not!...)in a very relaxed and comfortable environment. The whole party was run by great professionals! Real art teachers (who kept encouraging us during this journey of self-artistic discovery), a very nice model,

a waiter who not only looked sexy, but kept our champers flowing while we were drawing and painting (who wants to dehydrate!) and massaged our shoulders so that our tender middle-aged bodies did not suffer from the strain of being creative...(He was also a qualified masseur). My idea of heaven on earth! Almost make me wish that it was not my second and last marriage!....

In order to have that kind of great time again, guess what? I am going to hook-up all my “to be married girlfriends” to Hens Party Adelaide! I recommend it 100% ! So Thank You Jacqueline and Lu and all your team for the most memorable Hen’s Party that I and my girlfriends ever attended! It was worth every cent! And I got great pictures to show for it just in case my memory starts to fail me one day! Orlane! A very relaxed bride-to-be!!!


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