A Fun, Foreign Flair For Your Hens Party


If you want some ideas for an upcoming hen’s party that you can hold at home, then you’ve come to the right place!

Having a girl’s night in certainly doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having plenty of fun, in fact sometimes it actually lets you create the perfect atmosphere. We’ve scoured the globe and been inspired by a kaleidoscope of colours, fashions, food and cultures to bring you five fantastic ideas from top countries and cities of the world.

La Parisienne

France, Paris, the City of Love. The French capital has been the inspiration for thousands of years for sculptors, poets and artists alike, with its iconic buildings, beautiful rivers and spectacular nightlife. Famed for the Louvre that displays the works of grand artists such as Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin and  Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, and displays arguably the worlds most famous artwork, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

Create your own little bit of Paris for your Hen’s Party with a Nude Life Drawing Party! Be inspired by the great artists to try your hand at sketching your hunky male model in a variety of poses, even the full monty if you desire!  Your skills will only improve as the party progresses, helped along of course with a little French Champagne.


Here are some ideas for you to set the scene for a perfect Parisian themed Life Drawing Party:

  • Surround your home with iconic French images – the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge and the River Seine, the most romantic river in the world.

  • Bring a taste of the famous French cafes and patisseries with Croissants, Baguettes and delicious Macaroons

  • Arouse the senses with Sparkling Champagne; tiny sparkling bubbles, clink of glasses, leaves your palate tingling.

  • A little Chanel No 5

  • And from the home of Fashion, ask your guests to come along in their finest Haute Couture!



Welcome to the timeless beauty of Japan, a world where contemporary modern culture fuses with its ancient traditions seamlessly. Imperial Palaces and Shrines built with traditional architecture sit alongside the snowtopped Mt Fuji, surrounded by cherry blossom trees and great lakes.

The Japanese have refined their skills over thousands of years, master craftsman whose attention to detail is reflected in everything they create. Ancient sculptures depicting samurai warriors and Shinto gods and Japanese folding screens adorned with shodo paintings were created with the same detail that is now devoted to the modern artwork of Manga and Anime.


Rudigami is our naughty version of Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper to create decorative art. According to myth, anyone who strings together 1000 origami cranes is granted a wish. Our instructor will teach you how to transform paper into marvellous little willies, all shapes and sizes! Balls are optional. One can only imagine the wishes that may be granted with a string full of willies!  This is a really fun party and perfect for best friends and grandmas alike!

A fun way to start your party would be:

  • Have your friends and family come in their best Geisha kimono – have a prize for the best dressed

  • Make gourmet platters of Japanese delicacies – Sushi, Tempura and Sukiyaki

  • Don’t forget to serve a little Japanese Sake with the Green Tea, but be careful – that stuff can be deadly!



Sex in the City!

“I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.”  Just one of the many fabulous quotes from the effervescent Carrie Bradshaw, New York columnist of Sex in the City fame. If ol’ blue eyes Frank Sinatra hadn’t sung this city into our hearts, Carrie and her friends certainly cemented this city as a firm favourite of the ladies and of the finer things in life.


No woman worth her weight in gold could be seen without designer labels, accessories, and of course- Shoes!  But what we really love about Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda is that they always had time to smash out a great cocktail!


New York! New York!  Is a wonderful theme for your Hens Party, and we’ll supply the Cocktails. Our gorgeous male mixologist is the perfect accessory for your party, and of course he’ll bring along all the ingredients to make up the iconic Sex in the City Cocktails including:

  • Cosmopolitans

  • Manhattans

  • Martinis

  • Mojitos


The Bride-to-be could take centre stage as the gorgeous Carrie ably surrounded by the seductive temptress Samantha Jones, art dealer Charlotte York and lawyer Miranda Hobbs, and the rest of your party can find their sexiest dresses for a real girls night in. What a fun opportunity to dress up!   Have fun setting your home up as your own New York nightclub with sultry lighting and lush furnishings.


Stiff Upper Lip

Yes. That was lip. Nothing else stiff around here. Of course we are referring to the good old British tradition of showing emotional restraint and finishing the job at all odds! The British Isles are swamped in tradition – strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, dunking biscuits in your tea and eating fish and chips on a Friday to name a few!


The British Royal Palaces and other Grand Manor houses such as those depicted in Downton Abbey are steeped in a tradition of servitude. Ladies in waiting and Valets were personal assistants to the Lords and Ladies of the court and Butlers, Footmen, Governesses and Parlour Maids were all employed as fine servants of the aristocracy.

Bring Downton Abbey to life in your own backyard with one or more of our gorgeous Topless Waiters! There to attend to your every need they will serve your champagne and chocolates, massage your shoulders, have a little fun and games and just outright spoil you!



Get your guests in the mood early by sending them beautifully designed invitations asking them to attend in all their finery, furs and jewels (we didn’t say they had to be real!). Recreate the famous Downton Abbey table and bring out the candelabras, vintage silverware and china. Bring out the hat rack and drape an assortment of hats inspired by the 1920’s for everybody to have a bit of fun with throughout the party. Make sure you have an extra special one for your topless waiter to wear!


Print placecards for each of your “Ladies” and menus in a design that matches your original invitations and your menu can be as simple or as grandiose as you choose. It can be cucumber sandwiches, sausage rolls and pork pies, or you can serve Downton Abbey favourites such as:

  • Goat Cheese and Fig Canapes on Raisin Bread

  • Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

  • Lobster Rissoles

  • Truffled Wild Mushroom Tartlets

Make sure you complete your dinner party with fine wines, ports and sherries, all served by your humble waiter, appropriately dressed with an apron, bow tie and ??? well— that’s up to you!


What more can we say – this is party time! Your home can be transformed into a lavish production with colourful silks in multiple bright colours, a few strings of fairy lights, colourful cushion covers and candles. Some carved elephants, camels and snakes dotted around the room and a few bowls filled with floating flowers and tealights, and your home will be dressed for this Indian extravaganza!


Get ready to groove! Our wonderful instructor will teach you how to get those hips moving and learn a new dance routine. Armed with a wonderful selection of western music you will learn how to shimmy your way through a whole lot of fun!



Your guests will hardly be able to resist the abundance of food and beautiful aromas created by Indian favourites such as Pakoras, Samosas,  and Kebabs, accompanied by curries, pappadams, relishes and naan bread.



As a special treat for your guests, you may even decide to treat them all to an Indian Mehindi session. These gorgeous patterns are applied to your hands and feet and make you feel sexy and fabulous! And the best thing about them – they simply wash off after a few days – which just may be how long it takes you to recover from your fabulous Hens Party!


Do you have any other foreign theme parties you would like to recreate? Contact us by email or call us! We can help make it happen!

A Fun, Foreign Flair For Your Hens Party

Why opt for a classy Hens Party over the usual trash?


Planning a party that will suit the bride, her friends, her family and workmates is always a challenge, and not every bride’s idea of a great Hen’s party involves a drunken night of debauchery or Magic Men Strippers!

Traditionally Hen’s parties were a far cry from what we experience today. In ancient times when land and animals were valuable commodities that could be traded within groups, the ownership of women also emerged as a means of securing wealth and strengthening social status for the husband’s family.

History also records fabulous Grecian rituals of oils, bathing and feasts to celebrate the transition of the bride from her birth family into her husband’s family. A lock of the bride’s hair would be cut and offered to the goddess Artemis and Aphrodite.


A Modern World

But the Hens Party that we know today has undergone something of a revolution, and reflects an exciting, more modern concept of two partners of equal status entering into a celebration of love and a focus of shared futures. The Hen’s party has become an anticipated event of its own and there are so many options available to us it’s sometimes hard to work out what’s the best one to choose. When we mention Hen’s parties plenty of images come to mind from Aunt Maude’s idea of an afternoon of thoughtfully chosen gifts and Tupperware games to the bridesmaids conjuring up an evening of cocktails and tequila slammers at the latest all male revue!


Just as weddings themselves have evolved and become a code of relaxed elegance with sophisticated settings and chic rustic inspired invitations and centrepieces, many brides are opting to transform the traditional hens party into a classy event that involves massage, pampering, elegant venues and fun experiences. They want an event that will be remembered for all the right reasons, where mums aunties and friends alike can all join in together and share the fun.

Body and Soul

With such a focus on health and wellness these days, for those who are a little more health conscious, Yoga Parties are fast emerging as a favourite way to bring together fun and friends, and are definitely more affordable than going to a Balinese wellness retreat! The well known benefits of Yoga to help reduce stress, improve balance and flexibility will definitely be welcomed by your guests, but the addition of a beautifully toned male Yogi to guide them through their meditation will most definitely keep things interesting!

Decorate the room with flowers and greenery and layout beautifully coloured yoga mats and towels. Create a relaxed, beautiful atmosphere with soft lighting, candles and burning incense. You may even like to provide healing crystals and cards with inspirational quotes to your guests.


In a nod to the elegant Grecian days of massage and pampering, why not relax and be transformed by professional makeup artists? A Hair and Makeup Hens Party is a fabulous way for you to bring together guests from different groups who may not know each other and are a little nervous in a fun, private and playful environment. Indulging in a little pampering and trying out a fresh new look will mean they can join in the fun and go away looking and feeling amazing. Guests can experiment themselves with the latest looks and perhaps as a special surprise for the hen, a stunning new look could be the perfect preparation for a night on the town.


A Total Transformation

If the hen is a little more adventurous, a Face & Body Painting party would be the ultimate in exploring new personas!  This beautifully artistic experience is pure indulgence and while the makeup artist is transforming the hen into an object of true beauty, guests can be taught new skills to paint on themselves or each other using paints, glitter, masks, eyelashes and even glow in the dark body paint! You are limited only by your imagination and this is your opportunity to create something fabulous!


So now you’re all dressed up with no place to go! All that fun and now the parties ended? Not at all – it’s the perfect time to go dancing – and not just any dancing! Young or old, short or tall, all of your party will have a wonderful time learning some new dance moves and choreography with either Bollywood or Burlesque dancing. Be warned though – these dances are extremely catchy and you may find yourself busting these moves long after the night has finished!


Put on your Dancing Shoes!

India’s thriving film industry has spent years developing their own unique brand of song and dance and by combining the many rich textures of India’s classical and folk dances with western Jazz, Hip-Hop and Arabic dance moves, Bollywood was born. The lavish sets, extravagant costumes and success of films such as “Slumdog Millionaire” have contributed to its worldwide popularity, and Hen’s Parties are no different.

Choreographed routines will get your heart pumping and your booty shaking in a truly fun experience. This group learning encourages and motivates people to lose their inhibitions. No prior dance training is required, and the focus is completely on a positive attitude and gaining confidence.  Your guests will love being able to dress up, and may even imagine themselves on the set of a famous Hollywood film doing a flash dance with the gorgeous Dev Patel!


Not to be outdone, Burlesque is also skyrocketing in popularity as an option for those looking for a unique Hen’s Party experience. Arising from theatrical parody’s performed during the Victorian era, this art form really came into its own with the development of the Moulin Rouge cabaret dancers.

Gypsy Rose Lee and Tempest Storm became stars of the 1930’s and 1940’s in America when they transformed Burlesque with the addition of striptease.  This casual striptease style has had a resurgence in recent years with the rise to fame of Dita Von Teese.

Far from being some sleezy nightclub entertainment, the Burlesque of today is a wonderful artform that pulls together storytelling, eroticism and sensuality. You are taught moves that will make you feel sexy, sensual and glamorous, and you may learn some moves that will find their way beyond the hens party and back home to the bedroom! Everybody has the ability to learn to sway their hips, shimmy their shoulders, perform a glove peel or work a boa, and what a wonderful excuse to dress up!


Location, Location, Location!

If you really want to indulge your hen, the ultimate experience is to hold your event at a scenic location such as a beachside apartment that overlooks the sea or a beautifully appointed 5 star hotel with luxurious rooms, saunas and spas, swimming pools and even a gym if your hen is into fitness and is likely to be up for it in the morning!

Surround yourselves with beautiful artwork and elegant furnishings; treat yourself to a late morning check out and a scrumptious breakfast. Champagne and chocolates are a must along with a few chocolate dipped strawberries.

Of course classy doesn’t necessarily mean no nudity. Even Aunt Maude would probably not be opposed to a hunky young topless waiter to serve up a few cocktails along with your champagne and chocolates served on elegant Royal Doulton china and silver service trays.


So forget the trashy, less than glamorous images that can often come to mind when we are talking about Hen’s Parties, and replace them with beautiful images of elegant surroundings, relaxed atmospheres, fun times and gorgeous guys!

If you’re looking for Hen’s Party with a little more class than one that leaves you grappling to remember the events of the evening before when you wake up the next morning, let us help you create a memorable experience.

Contact us if you’re interested and if you have any other ideas and unsure how to make it happen let us know and we’ll try to help create it.

Why opt for a classy Hens Party over the usual trash?

Top Tactics for Bright Bridesmaids


If you’ve been awarded the ominous title of ‘maid of honour – aka chief bridesmaid’ nothing is more deflating than spending countless days and endless funds organising the hens party only to have a paltry turnout. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of top tactics to boost party attendance and make your job relatively sweet and simple.


Take time to plan and focus on creating a good time

Your best friend is getting married and she has entrusted you with one of the most important roles of the big occasion – organising the Hen’s party! You’ve done the high fives and the big hugs, and now the initial excitement is over, it’s time to start making the arrangements for a lot of people – where do you start??


Phone the Besties

Who do we always turn to when we need help? Our friends! And no doubt your friends are her friends, and now’s the time to find out who’s available and when, because you need to know that those friends that she really wants to share this special event with her are going to be able to come.  There’s no use jumping in and organising a date if they can’t make it.  This is your number one priority, so it’s time to pick up the phone!


Set the Date

We’ve all heard the horror stories, brides that have turned up for their wedding still feeling a little hungover from the previous night’s festivities, so this is definitely not the ideal date for your Hens Party. So once you’ve worked out with her core group of friends who is going to be around, decide on date for the party and lock it in. You should consider if people have to travel distances to be able to attend, and may need to decide on a party date that’s only a few days before the wedding. If you don’t have those restrictions, you can plan your event weeks earlier. Psychologists say that the earlier people know about an upcoming event, the more they are likely to commit to it mentally.


Create your list

The great thing about Hen’s Parties is that you don’t have to restrict the guest list to the official wedding list.  Make sure that you talk with your bride about who she would like to include, you would hate for someone to feel they weren’t included. These day’s most people understand that wedding lists are usually limited, but there are plenty of friends, family and co-workers who would still like to help the bride celebrate. It’s the perfect occasion to show that the old adage of “the more the merrier” really applies where hen’s parties are concerned – everybody can join in!


Decide on a Location

Now you have a date and a guest list you can decide on the best location.  As you are trying to get as many people as possible to come, the best way to do that is to make it easy for them!  Try to choose somewhere that is centrally located to as many guests as possible and has good public transport access.  If your party plans include accommodation you might also need to consider secure parking options and also its proximity to restaurants, bars and clubs that you might decide to visit as the night kicks on.



It’s time to get down to the fun stuff! Brainstorm with your core group to come up with some great ideas to make your hen’s party a night to remember for your bride. Including your friends creates ownership, and you are more likely to get more help from your friends if they feel that they are being heard. Don’t forget to ask for the Bride’s input because you want to make sure that you deliver exactly what she’s after! There are so many options to explore these days you don’t have to stick the traditional stereotypes. Bollywood Dancing, Nude Life Drawing, Yoga Parties, themed parties with Topless Waiters, Rudigami and Cocktail Making, there is sure to be a package available that will suit your Hen perfectly! The more fun and entertaining that your hen’s party appears, the more enticing it will be to your guests and the more likely they will be to attend.


Set the Budget

Everyone has a limit, and it’s your job to find the happy medium. Sometimes when you are the organiser, it’s tempting to get carried away with lots of wonderful plans, but you seriously need to consider what people can afford, and you will also need to cover the cost of the Hen’s expenses on her big night out, so everybody will need to chip in a bit extra. Once you have an agreed budget, provide easy options for people to be able to get the money to you.  If you see them personally they can pay you in cash, or give people the option to transfer directly to a bank account so that you can collect the money as early as possible. Early payment means early commitment, and there is less likelihood of you being held holding the bill at the end of the event.


Spread the Word!

Facebook it!  Once you’ve made your plans, you need to let people know!  The easiest way to do that is to create a Facebook Event, but make sure you select the Private Only option.

It’s easy, just follow these steps:

– Go to your Facebook Homepage

– Click on “Events” from the left-hand column

– Select “Create Event”

– Click on “Create Private Event” from the drop down list

– Leave the “guests can invite friends” box unticked – you want to be able to control who is invited.

– Customise your event – Add some photos of your Hen and all the important event details – dates, locations and plans. Remember NOT to invite the Hen if the plans are secret – and also to let those invited not to let the cat out of the bag!



Make it Catchy

Give your FB Event a catchy title, and give it a fun cover photo, perhaps something along the lines of the party theme that you have decided on.

Of course not everybody has access to Facebook, so keep your catchy, fun theme going and create some written invitations to post out. These don’t have to be expensive, you can have postcard style invites printed off at your local photo print shop that has all the details provided, and make sure you include an RSVP date and as many details for them to respond as possible, landline, mobile and email addresses.

You can also use this theme to create an email. Now you have all bases covered, Facebook, Events Page, written invitations and emails. How can they resist!


Send Reminders

Not everyone is able to RSVP straightaway, and we all get busy with life.  Your very pretty invitation now lies underneath the fridge magnet, waiting to be answered. These days E-vites are known to have a much greater responses rate than snail mail, but it’s time for a little prompting.

Follow up with a phone call, an email or a comment on your Facebook page to remind people that you’d love them to come to help your Hen celebrate this one off occasion and help to make it special. Perhaps butter them up a bit, let them know that they were invited because the Hen cares about them and is keen to include them on the list. Tell them it’s important for you to know numbers so you know how much wine to buy!


Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy

You’ve done the hard work, finalised the numbers, sorted the details and created the perfect event for your Hen. So sit back, relax, pop the champagne cork and have a wonderful time!



Want to know some more? Email us or

Top Tactics for Bright Bridesmaids

What to wear to a Burlesque Hens Party


Let your flirty shine

There’s no question about it, Burlesque is just an excuse to dress up, feel gorgeous and have fun! And there’s no better way for you to bring sexy back than to indulge in one of the many fabulous Burlesque costume styles that have developed from its early beginnings to the wonderful pieces that we see today.

The traditional Burlesque costume is inspired by the steel boned corsets which were the height of fashion in the Victorian era.  Creating the perfect hourglass figure the corsets make women feel feminine with their beautiful sateen and lace designs. Victorian women also never left the house without a hat, so a traditional fascinator or mini hat is often used to complete the look.


And we’re talking shoes! Did you know that the high heel originated from a place of power? Queen Elizabeth 1 used them as a way of asserting her body and enforcing her stature. They helped to elevate her above her peers, literally and figuratively. So heels have always been seen as a symbol of power and privilege, and today heels symbolise power through sexuality, as feeling attractive equates to a feeling of power. Wearing heels forces us to change our body posture, and lucky for us, exaggerates the features that bring out our sexiness. Thrust out those breasts, wiggle those hips and strut your stuff. Because we’re bringing sexy back!



Burlesque Costumes

Today we associate Burlesque with seductive routines of peeling off the layers to evocative, mood enhancing music and lightshows. But Burlesque hasn’t always been about the striptease.  It originated in the 17th century in Italy as a form of pantomime using songs and humorous verse, and of course, costumes.

Early examples of this were quite bizarre, such as this horsehead costume from the late 1800’s.


With the invention of tights in 1798, costumes became more risqué.  1889 saw the opening of the Moulin Rouge, and the pretty dancing girls quickly became popular figures on the local French café scene.  For maximum effect while doing the legendary can-can, dancers wore black stockings and bloomers so thin that you could see a dark patch in the crotch.

Although striptease was fast developing as a popular form of entertainment, there was still very little skin showing as nudity was still considered quite disrespectful by standards of the time.

But Vaboom! Burlesque hits America! Specifically Ms Lydia Thompson, who hailed from London and brought with her to New York her troupe of “British Blondes”. The most popular new act in town brought with it cross dressing, extravagant stage effects, risqué jokes and saucy costumes – the likes of which they’d never seen before – and they simply couldn’t get enough.  A little horsewhipping on stage landed one of Ms Thompson’s troupe, Pauline Markham, a night in the jailhouse!

What’s your Style?

So have we piqued your interest? Are you ready to have a little fun and frivolity? At Hens Party Ideas Adelaide our Burlesque package  will allow you to indulge your fantasy and let your flirty shine!  What style of Burlesque costume suits your particular kind of sexy?  Because costume has come a long way, and these days you can fine tune your style to create a unique seductiveness.

History Repeats

If you’re a traditionalist, you can team an 18th century style corset to show off your curves with long, lacy gloves and fancy fascinators. Bring your femininity to the fore with a showy feather boa, a blingy sparkling neckpiece and perhaps a classy cigarette holder to introduce your sexy new routine. Aim for elegance and sophistication and add a smooth, sleek hairstyle and some come to me lips and eyes makeup to complete your outfit. Smokin’!



Rockin’ Rockerbilly Burlesque

Feather boas and sparkles not quite to your taste?  Perhaps you prefer a pin up model look with a little rockerbilly style.  Fabulous pumps, seamed net stockings and a tight fitting skirt with a little halter neck top.  Frills, ribbons and bows and some oh so lacy peek-a-boo lingerie. And not just any lingerie, something really pretty that makes you feel sexy, because this is the key to seduction. Marilyn Monroe was the mistress of this look, and this style will certainly make your cherry pop!



Burlesque: The Showgirl!

This is your moment in the spotlight, and you want the complete package! Peacock feather headpieces dripping with beading, sexy bone corsetry pulled in tight to accentuate your fabulous figure, French lace suspenders and ankle strap pumps to draw the eye to your stunning set of pins and a beaded bodice that shakes with every one of your shimmies. Get our Burlesque instructor to teach you some ‘come to me’ moves as you twirl your fancy feather fans. You are all about seduction and she will show you all the tricks of the trade.



Burlesque: A little fetish?

After something a little spicier? A little leather with your lace?  A few whips and studded collars? Imagine your own Torture Garden or perhaps a threesome and a little bondage with your blindfolds and paddles? A beautiful black leather under breast corset with titillating little pasties. Bring out the power platforms and bring on a little bump and grind. You are limited only by your imagination!



Smoking Hot Gun Burlesque

Imagine yourself as a smoking hot Cowgirl? To add a Western twist to your costume, grab yourself a couple of bullet bandoliers, a cowgirl hat and a couple of pistols and you’re well on the way to a Wild West showdown. Remember too, that one of the key rules in honing your skills of seduction is to keep the focus on either your cleavage or your legs.  Show off your best assets, and keep him guessing about what other luscious surprises you have in store. Add in a little saloon style, with your man eagerly awaiting the delightful delicacies that you are ready to dish up to him!



Burlesque: The Masked Crusader

The art of illusion has its finest hour with Burlesque. Using a mask keeps people guessing, and only allows them to see what you want them to see. Be sassy, be cheeky, and use your body and your body movements to really tease. You can be whoever you want, act however you want and revel in the excitement that you bring to your audience. And even if the only ones that ever get to see your routine is your close friends at your Hens Party Ideas Adelaide Burlesque dance party, then you can really let your hair down, let go of your inhibitions and unleash your inner exotica!



Burlesque: The Glitter Queen

All that glitters really is gold when it comes to creating a fabulous, tantalising costume to wow your audience. Don some fabulous little nipple tassles, and grab yourself a bottle of glitter and pour yourself a sexy little number as you learn a few new moves at your Burlesque party. The more you shimmer, the more fabulous you will look and feel.



Whatever your costume style, you can be assured that Burlesque will allow you to get in touch with your true femininity and explore a new sexuality. You may amaze yourself and bolster your confidence as you learn how to strut, pose, pout and shimmy your way through fabulous new routines. It is a true art form, and although it’s always best to be yourself, and not try too hard, wearing perfume and beautiful lingerie will help to create your mood. Burlesque can be a wonderfully liberating experience and is suitable for all shapes, ages and sizes, and can be a great addition or alternative to anybody’s fitness regime. Find the vixen within!

In the words of the most well-known Burlesque dancer of our times, the beautifully exotic Dita Von Teese “I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be.”



Want your own private Burlesque hen’s party? Then Contact Us http://www.henspartyideasadelaide.com.au/contact/

or give us a call on 0432 924 305.

What to wear to a Burlesque Hens Party

Top 10 Reasons to have your Hens Party at home


“The organiser was hopeless and it ended up a drunken disaster and a bit of a catfight” is what my friend I recently met up with for coffee told me.  We were catching up on all the latest gossip and got chatting about a Hen’s Party she’d just ‘endured’.

She has been asked to organise a Hen’s party soon and definitely wanted to make sure that her hen didn’t have the same woeful experience.  I asked her if she had considered holding the party at home.  She admitted that it had honestly never crossed her mind.  So we brainstormed, and here’s our top 10 Reasons for having your Hen’s Party at home.



1. Guaranteed to have a Wild Night In!

You are in control baby – you get to hold EXACTLY the kind of wild night to suit your hen. Perhaps a jungle theme,  where you can have a bit of fun preparing  the house beforehand and your ladies get to dress up as tigresses, so when things really start to hot up, you’re gonna hear them ROAR!



Your ladies can have some extra fun doing a little




mini-www.henspartyideasadelaide.com.au-rudigami-abby (4)

Rudigami, learning a new skill based on the ancient art of origami, but with a fun little twist creating some fabulous fun willies, big and little, all shapes, colours and sizes.  Who knows what images the Lion’s den might conjure up!

2. Fantasies! Fantasies! Fantasies!

Does your Hen harbour a secret fantasy to be the lovely Maid Marian, waiting to be rescued by the dashing Robin Hood?

Imagine your home as an olde world castle, and your hen draped in her satin and velvet finery, surrounded by her beautiful ladies in waiting. All ably attended to by Robin’s band of Merry Men, some stunning and charming topless waiters, ready to spoil and titillate you. Robin himself may like to make a grand entrance with a fantastic stripper routine, especially designed to fulfil Marian’s wildest fantasies. Those arrows may end up in interesting places!



Perhaps a Johnny Depp look alike would be more to your hen’s taste, swaggering in to a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, with your hot topless young pirates serving up the wonderful cocktails your wenches have created with our Cocktail Making Party. Nothing like a bit of Sex on the Beach or a Screwdriver to get your party started! The perfect opportunity for your hen to push out the puppies with a tight little corset and her knee high boots. Aaargh.



Whether it’s a long held childhood fantasy, or a desire to be pounded by Thor with the more recent arrival of the oh so sexy Chris Hemsworth,


Hens Party Ideas Adelaide Topless Waiters and


Cocktail Making Packages will make your stay at home fantasy come alive!

3. Let it all out baby!

Got some ladies who are up for a fun time but perhaps are a little shy?

henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (16)

With a little encouragement, knowing that they can let themselves go without any prying eyes to make them feel self-conscious about their two left feet your ladies can let it all out in a fabulous session of Bollywood dancing! A great way to let your Hen shine and take centre stage while you all shake your booties!



4. Loud and Proud!

Be as loud as you want – and as gorgeous as you are!

henspartyideasadelaide.com.au (12)

You want sexy, you want glamorous, you want fun?   Then turn the music up, put your sexy on, and delve into the world of Burlesque! Fabulous fun, no matter your shape or size, and all in the privacy of your own four walls.  Here your ladies can let go of their inhibitions, learn to move like Dita Von Teese, and let themselves go crazy. Have a Burlesque teacher come and teach you some sexy moves. It will keep your party intimate and titillating.



5. Keeping it Low Key

Actually, not everyone wants the big night out, and we all have that friend who doesn’t seem to know how when it’s time to stop!   So if you want to keep a bit of a lid on things and possibly alcohol free, then having your Hen’s party at home is a great way to keep things under control. Why not invite a


topless waiter over to play games with you and be at your beck and call. If you want a list of fun hen’s party games to play email us.

6. Saving you Money!

We all love to save money, and a Hen’s night in is sure to deliver!  No costly over the bar drinks or overpriced meal packages. You can work to the budget that you have, supplying the drinks a lot more cheaply than if you were at a venue, or you may even decide on a BYO option to keep costs down for everyone. And saving you money on the little things might give you an opportunity to provide something really special for your Hen, something that you can only get at a party at home. Our Paint on the Model package is a special, intimate experience for all your girlfriends, where we start with some nude life drawing, and then your Hen and some guests get the chance to really get hands on, up close and personal.



7. No Transportation Worries

No transport? No worries?  These days with the risks of drink driving high on everyone’s mind, transport costs can quickly add up for all your guests, and it’s not always easy to coordinate times and locations for everyone to meet.  So by having your Hen’s party at home, all those problems disappear.  Just make sure you remember to tell everyone to bring their PJ’s.

8. Keeping it Close!

Avoid the crowds, and the drunks, and enjoy the quiet! The crazy, mixed up atmosphere of party buses and nightclubs simply doesn’t always suit a mixed crowd. You may have to invite the nannas and the aunties, and that isn’t quite their scene. One of the benefits of having your party at home is that you get to choose exactly who’s there, helping you celebrate, without the annoying hangers on who just want to get in on the fun. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun while you’re at it! Our Nude Life Drawing packages

mini-henspartyideasadelaide.com.au-life-drawing-bella (14)

are just the thing for girlfriends, aunts and nannas to have a fun cocktail or two and explore their creative side. And who knows, one of your ladies may discover that she has a Michelangelo like talent buried deep inside. Besides , life drawing can ignite a fire within!



9. Catering

Got some dietary issues amongst your guests?  Having a party at home means that you can cater specifically for vegans, gluten free or non-seafood tastes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of fun with it. You’re limited only by your imagination for what fabulous deserts you can cum up with!



10. Relax! Relax! Relax!

Relax right back and enjoy the moment. Be entertained. Let yourself be mesmerised by the Power of Magic! Our wonderful magician will allow you to sit back, embrace and enjoy the wonderful show that he has created for you. His real treasure lies in being able to involve your minds, connecting your thoughts and feelings while he makes the impossible – possible!






You never know what special surprises me may manage to pull from his – ahem – hat.



Want to delve a little deeper? A little more participation? Our Hypnotist will make you fall in love with his special talents as he creates a unique and hilarious show with your volunteer participants. You can expect an experience that your audience will never forget, full of fun and laughter!

Keeping with the world of mystical entrancement your ladies will be spellbound by our tarot card reader telling you the wonderful futures that you all have to look forward to.  It will add fun and mystery to your party as you all have a giggle over your individual readings.   To add an extra bit of fun, you can arrange for your tarot card reader to give your Hen some very “special news” such as a big lottery win, a surprise getaway to an exotic location, or the arrival of triplets!  Make sure you remember to let your Hen in on the joke later on…. but let her sweat it out a bit first!



How did we do? We think that we have come up with some really great reasons for having your Hens Party at home, and as you can see, Hens Party Ideas Adelaide can find something that’s just perfect for your Hen’s special occasion. Want to talk some more? Email us or



give us a call on 0432 924 305 today.


Top 10 Reasons to have your Hens Party at home