Top Tactics for Bright Bridesmaids


If you’ve been awarded the ominous title of ‘maid of honour – aka chief bridesmaid’ nothing is more deflating than spending countless days and endless funds organising the hens party only to have a paltry turnout. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of top tactics to boost party attendance and make your job relatively sweet and simple.


Take time to plan and focus on creating a good time

Your best friend is getting married and she has entrusted you with one of the most important roles of the big occasion – organising the Hen’s party! You’ve done the high fives and the big hugs, and now the initial excitement is over, it’s time to start making the arrangements for a lot of people – where do you start??


Phone the Besties

Who do we always turn to when we need help? Our friends! And no doubt your friends are her friends, and now’s the time to find out who’s available and when, because you need to know that those friends that she really wants to share this special event with her are going to be able to come.  There’s no use jumping in and organising a date if they can’t make it.  This is your number one priority, so it’s time to pick up the phone!


Set the Date

We’ve all heard the horror stories, brides that have turned up for their wedding still feeling a little hungover from the previous night’s festivities, so this is definitely not the ideal date for your Hens Party. So once you’ve worked out with her core group of friends who is going to be around, decide on date for the party and lock it in. You should consider if people have to travel distances to be able to attend, and may need to decide on a party date that’s only a few days before the wedding. If you don’t have those restrictions, you can plan your event weeks earlier. Psychologists say that the earlier people know about an upcoming event, the more they are likely to commit to it mentally.


Create your list

The great thing about Hen’s Parties is that you don’t have to restrict the guest list to the official wedding list.  Make sure that you talk with your bride about who she would like to include, you would hate for someone to feel they weren’t included. These day’s most people understand that wedding lists are usually limited, but there are plenty of friends, family and co-workers who would still like to help the bride celebrate. It’s the perfect occasion to show that the old adage of “the more the merrier” really applies where hen’s parties are concerned – everybody can join in!


Decide on a Location

Now you have a date and a guest list you can decide on the best location.  As you are trying to get as many people as possible to come, the best way to do that is to make it easy for them!  Try to choose somewhere that is centrally located to as many guests as possible and has good public transport access.  If your party plans include accommodation you might also need to consider secure parking options and also its proximity to restaurants, bars and clubs that you might decide to visit as the night kicks on.



It’s time to get down to the fun stuff! Brainstorm with your core group to come up with some great ideas to make your hen’s party a night to remember for your bride. Including your friends creates ownership, and you are more likely to get more help from your friends if they feel that they are being heard. Don’t forget to ask for the Bride’s input because you want to make sure that you deliver exactly what she’s after! There are so many options to explore these days you don’t have to stick the traditional stereotypes. Bollywood Dancing, Nude Life Drawing, Yoga Parties, themed parties with Topless Waiters, Rudigami and Cocktail Making, there is sure to be a package available that will suit your Hen perfectly! The more fun and entertaining that your hen’s party appears, the more enticing it will be to your guests and the more likely they will be to attend.


Set the Budget

Everyone has a limit, and it’s your job to find the happy medium. Sometimes when you are the organiser, it’s tempting to get carried away with lots of wonderful plans, but you seriously need to consider what people can afford, and you will also need to cover the cost of the Hen’s expenses on her big night out, so everybody will need to chip in a bit extra. Once you have an agreed budget, provide easy options for people to be able to get the money to you.  If you see them personally they can pay you in cash, or give people the option to transfer directly to a bank account so that you can collect the money as early as possible. Early payment means early commitment, and there is less likelihood of you being held holding the bill at the end of the event.


Spread the Word!

Facebook it!  Once you’ve made your plans, you need to let people know!  The easiest way to do that is to create a Facebook Event, but make sure you select the Private Only option.

It’s easy, just follow these steps:

– Go to your Facebook Homepage

– Click on “Events” from the left-hand column

– Select “Create Event”

– Click on “Create Private Event” from the drop down list

– Leave the “guests can invite friends” box unticked – you want to be able to control who is invited.

– Customise your event – Add some photos of your Hen and all the important event details – dates, locations and plans. Remember NOT to invite the Hen if the plans are secret – and also to let those invited not to let the cat out of the bag!



Make it Catchy

Give your FB Event a catchy title, and give it a fun cover photo, perhaps something along the lines of the party theme that you have decided on.

Of course not everybody has access to Facebook, so keep your catchy, fun theme going and create some written invitations to post out. These don’t have to be expensive, you can have postcard style invites printed off at your local photo print shop that has all the details provided, and make sure you include an RSVP date and as many details for them to respond as possible, landline, mobile and email addresses.

You can also use this theme to create an email. Now you have all bases covered, Facebook, Events Page, written invitations and emails. How can they resist!


Send Reminders

Not everyone is able to RSVP straightaway, and we all get busy with life.  Your very pretty invitation now lies underneath the fridge magnet, waiting to be answered. These days E-vites are known to have a much greater responses rate than snail mail, but it’s time for a little prompting.

Follow up with a phone call, an email or a comment on your Facebook page to remind people that you’d love them to come to help your Hen celebrate this one off occasion and help to make it special. Perhaps butter them up a bit, let them know that they were invited because the Hen cares about them and is keen to include them on the list. Tell them it’s important for you to know numbers so you know how much wine to buy!


Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy

You’ve done the hard work, finalised the numbers, sorted the details and created the perfect event for your Hen. So sit back, relax, pop the champagne cork and have a wonderful time!



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Top Tactics for Bright Bridesmaids