Planning for a Great Party Event


Being responsible for designing a hen’s party event can be an enormous task! You are the person closest to the bride-to-be and you want to make it the best possible celebration for all who will attend. Not everyone is a natural organiser and these days you don't have to be - just do lots of research and team up with other bridesmaids for support. With a little planning and some foresight you can put on a function that will be memorable and great fun for all. Before deciding where and what to do, it makes sense to decide who to invite, then plan a reasonable budget per person and set a date. Deciding on a date can be a challenge, especially if guests are coming from interstate or overseas. The main criteria are that it suits the hen and doesn't clash with any other pre-wedding commitments. Once you have your attendance list, an agreed budget and a date placed in the diary, it’s time to focus on the fun part - where to go and what to do! Here are five things to consider:

The Location

Location is very important, so one of the first things to do is to find out if there is something in particular the hen would like to do on her special night. This could be anything from being pampered to dancing the night away at Maslin's beach in South Australia. You could be inclusive of other invited guests and share the load by asking them for some input, or make it a surprise for the majority of the group. Once you have an idea of what the activities of the party will be you can focus on the top locations that can best cater to your requirements.

The accommodation

This may seem like an obvious thing to say, but people are peculiar about where they get to rest their head at night. Some people are quite happy waking up on a strange floor or sofa, but they are mostly the exception rather than the rule. Paying extra for comfort will be greatly appreciated by all. Consider booking accommodation close to what you intend to do or you’ll spend large amounts on taxis. Pick out an attractive place to stay or host the entire event – contact our Hens Party Ideas Adelaide Team for some great ideas on self catering and venues.

The activities

Boredom will be your enemy. Make sure there’s always something to do, even if it's a game or two between other activities. You don’t want your group to be kicking their heels all day while waiting for the main event to kick off. Book activities in advance: there is a broad range of activities to consider – from paint-balling to high wire activities, from cocktail making to sunset cruises, from Body Painting & Make-up to Bollywood Style Dancing lessons and experiences. Your aim is to generate continuous fun, from relaxed laid back moments to fast paced frivolity.


The Party

The main event is everything, so make it memorable. You don’t usually go to a concert to see the support act. You go to see the main attraction. Once you have an idea of what the hen wants to do and an idea of where best do this, you can source a location to suit. This can be anything from a high energy party to some seriously classy pampering. The more you plan and book ahead, the more likely the party will be a great success.


The traveling

A large part of the event and fun can be travelling to the location together. The event starts the moment you step out of the house. It’s not every day or weekend you get the chance to hang out with all your friends in such a warm atmosphere and celebration of marriage, so make the most of it! You can hire transport to accommodate groups, or travel on the same train or plane together. The Hens Party Adelaide Team can help at all stages of the planning!

The Ten Worst Hen’s Night Party Mistakes You Can Make


Planning a hen’s night party is a chance for the hen's best friend to show how well she knows the hen and how well loved the hen is. You want to be sure that everyone involved has a fun and memorable celebration with their much loved bride-to-be. Here are 10 common mistakes to avoid:  

1. Designing a party full of humiliating activities

Years ago the bucks' night party became a night of torment for the groom-to-be, his friends subjecting him to the most raucous, raunchy night of debauchery and drinking. Sometimes the groom would end up stripped naked and tied to a lamp post! Somehow the idea of humiliating the star of the night has influenced events for hen’s night parties – women can be far more creative than that!

  Humiliating Activities    

2. Ensuring the hen gets so drunk she doesn't remember a thing

The idea that the hen should get dangerously drunk on her night of celebration still looms in some women’s minds. Why bother spending a day, night or even a whole weekend with your best friends and focus on making the hen drink as much as possible? What’s the point if following the party no one, in particular the hen, remembers much about it? The point is to celebrate the end of the hen's single life and let her know how adored she is.


3. Forcing the hen to have a lap dance in front of her granny

Having a stripper at a hen's night is still considered compulsory by some women. However many hens' parties include aunties, mum, mum-in-law and even grandma. Also some women prefer to be stimulated intellectually rather than visually. To inflict an in-your-face lap dance on the bride-to-be could cause huge embarrassment and discomfort.


4. Planning an outdoor event without preparing for rain

Thinking of having a picnic for a hen party? While this is a fun idea, it could be a disaster if there is no back-up plan if the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse. The key to success is to allow for all possibilities so that everyone can enjoy the event.

 Hens Picnic in the Rain    

5. Forgetting to factor in food

Food is an essential ingredient to a hen party. It provides an opportunity for the group to break some ice, get to know the strangers who are part of the gathering and keep up the energy levels.

Forgetting the Food    

6. Forgetting to invite a person who is close to the hen

Even a chief bridesmaid or best friend may not be able to guess who the bride-to-be will want to join her at the hen night party. The simplest way to avoid accidentally missing out a treasured female friend or relative is to ask the hen.

  The Forgotten Treasured Friend    

7. Not considering the hen's particular likes or dislikes

Know the hen's limits and find out if any of the guests attending have strong objections to any of the activities you may have in mind. This will help to avoid any upsets at the party.

  What the Hen Doesn't Like    

8. Organising activities which are not inclusive

For an atmosphere full of fun and laughter it is important to make everyone feel included. To avoid being exclusive, find out some basic information about each person likely to attend, for example their age and relationship to the hen and what kind of activities they might not engage in.


9.  Making it boring

While alcohol can help people to loosen up and be less inhibited, many women these days choose either not to drink or to drink in moderation. Quite often there will be a number of pregnant friends at a hen night party who will probably not drink any alcohol. To make sure the celebration is not boring, avoid making drinking alcohol the only activity for the party.


10. Being unrealistic about the schedule of events planned for the hen night party Do not cram too many activities into the hen night as this can make the party full of stress! Allow for some relaxed moments between organised events. This way everyone can have a fun time with their beloved hen.

 Plan to Avoid Party Stress

If you avoid these ten mistakes you’ll have a brilliant hen’s night party.

Hens Party Adelaide, A Brilliant Night
Written by our Hen's Party Ideas Adelaide Support Team

Secrets for the Chief Bridesmaid


If you have been appointed the Chief Bridesmaid, or otherwise know as Matron of Honour, or the Chief Bridal Liaison, you now have several important duties to perform.

First on the list is to join the bride-to-be for any and all appointments or fittings; help keep her calm when her future mother- in- law has just handed her a long list of things-to-do and keep a light heart when the bride wants to choose bridesmaids dresses you believe would look better on an alien!br />
By far, the most important duty will be organizing the hen’s night. This is your chance to give your best friend that special night of her life. Your gift to her is to help her to relax, celebrate with loved ones and forget any fears or worries about her upcoming />


So where do you begin?

The first port of call is the bride. Find out exactly what she would like or more importantly what she doesn’t want! Some women find naked men prancing around quite embarrassing. Others hate nightclubs. So speak with the bride and find out exactly what type of party would suit />
Celebrating the lead up to a wedding with a Hens Party event has become the norm for most modern Australian brides. More brides-to-be are now seeking unique and special ideas when considering their last days as a single />
By an well established tradition, a hen’s party is held about 2 weeks before the wedding day. In this situation, the head bridesmaid is in charge of planning for and inviting the bride’s closest friends to a special evening or an entire weekend. br />
Activities on the list for these special ladies parties has expanded to include; life drawing, day spa pampering, cheese tasting and wine, massage and often a weekend get away.


Compare Options - be Different

Do some research on other hen’s nights but try to make it personal and perhaps a little bit different? Consider keeping some things a secret to add excitement and an element of surprise for the hen.


Choose a Dress up Theme


Hens Night Dress Theme

Deciding on a theme or colour choice for the group's outfits can be great fun. Nowadays you can look online or go to dollar stores to find all sorts of hen’s night props and clothing. Dressing-up & fancy dress can be a useful ice breaker for any Hen night as these transformations can help shy members of your party to feel part of the group more quickly.


Choose some Games and Activities

This is what makes the hen night fun and interesting. Choose a few games for everyone and some challenges for the bride to complete. Vary the activities so that different members of the group can choose to participate or not without feeling bad.


Responsible Care

It is OK to have a few drinks to loosen up, but do not go too far. This is a the awesome night you spent hours planning to be remembered. Make sure you have transport planned such that everyone gets home safely. Be careful not to do anything that will be of detriment to the bride’s character or relationship.


A Quiet Hen Night

Consider taking everyone to a spa, or hold the night at home and hire a masseur and beautician to visit. You can make the night more fun by having a experienced tarot card reader to tell people's fortunes, even a belly dancer to come and give you lessons in sexy dancing. Another tip for a larger party is to ask our charming Frenchman along for French Wine & Cheese Tasting night.


Create a Photo Album / Movie

Have someone document the event and put together an album for the bride. There will be some funny and special memories to record.


Hens Party Ideas Adelaide:

To coordinate and plan these classy hen party ideas, head bridesmaids and maids of honor will, in some cases, spend many hours preparing the invitations, booking the venues, collecting money, preparing food, attending bridal expos and others tasks involved for the creation of the special event. Many venues will benefit from these hens party bookings if they are able to create exciting packages and help reduce the stress involved for planning these parties.

Hens Party Ideas Adelaide has a skilled support team that can comfortably mentor with you as your party & event coordinators in Adelaide, South Australia. Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call.