LiFe Drawing or LiVe Art?





Life Drawing and Live Art, What is the Difference?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between LIFE Drawing and LIVE


Life Drawing traditionally involves having a nude male or female model to study and draw (or paint) in order to learn about representing the human form.


Live Art on the other hand, is usually more politically oriented, though not always, and is generally created in a public space incorporating elements of performance to the work. Both can be a really enjoyable experience, either as a participant or a viewer.

At Hens Party Adelaide we have create events with life drawing and events with live art.


Life Drawing Events

Paint The Man, Draw The Man and Draw On The Man (26)(three packages we offer) all involve life drawing.

Laughs and giggles are guaranteed as girls recover from the surprise of having a nude male in their midst while at the same time getting over possible doubts about their artistic skills! In addition all participants go away with a souvenir (or a gift for the party princess): their drawings.


Live Art Events

5 Portraiture charcoal liveart artlogic

At our live art events a qualified, experienced visual artist creates art ‘live’ during your party. This can be a permanent/long-lasting artwork or it can be impermanent – an artwork that last for just a night.

If the artwork she creates is permanent – eg on paper or on canvas, then it could then be a gift for the party princess. Having an artist creating work at a gathering is fascinating for guests as they can wander past the artist at work and view the progression of the image. This is something not usually experienced because generally artworks are only seen once completed and on display. It could certainly stimulate discussion and add a point of difference to the conversation.

For fundraising, once complete, the artwork could be auctioned and sold to the highest bidder at the event.


If the artwork the artist creates is impermanent, it can be photographed or videoed – one way to make sure it’s remembered.

Can you imagine how much fun it could be to have for instance, a body paint artist at your party working on a model to create an amazing effect, character or symbol?

Or perhaps the artist takes the whole group at the celebration on a creative adventure by instructing them on the art of body painting!

We’re lucky at Hens Party ideas Adelaide because we have an extensive number of talented, reliable, charming artists and models at our fingertips, due to our connection with ART LOGIC.

We are always ready to take on a creative challenge – so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want to make your party unique, creative and fun!

LiFe Drawing or LiVe Art?


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