What to wear to a Hen’s Night Party

One big question for us girls is: 
What should I wear to…? Even first Ladies ask it ;-)

So it’s not surprising at all that exactly that question pops up when it’s time to go to the 'long awaited' hens party: 
OMG...what on earth should I wear it to this hens do?

Looking good is important in our times where people are often judged by what they wear. So you’ll doubtlessly want to make every effort to look your best.

Choosing the right hen party outfit can be tricky if you’re out with girls you don’t know in a city you may never have been to before.

That’s why we’ve created this short guide to help.  It will give you lots of ideas to make sure you can be true to your individual style and stand out from the crowd without looking out of place.

Do you need to travel to get to your hens party?

The key to travelling to your hen party destination is simple: Comfort.
Wear clothes that can be relaxed in – you don’t want anything digging in or rubbing when you may be travelling by plane, train or car for many an hour.

Try to put on a few layers so you can add or take away depending on the temperature. It might be freezing in Tasmania, but when you arrive at the Adelaide airport on one of our heat wave days you’re bound to be in for a shock.

Wear comfortable shoes – travelling can mean walking around airports or stations or city centres looking for the right hotel.

Take a handbag that zips up or wear clothes that will let you safely store travel documents and your precious belongings.  Tourists in any can be easy prey for robbers.

If you want to impress the other girls then take a quick change of shoes and top in your hand luggage or some fun accessories to spruce up your outfit.

Is your hen’s party a hen’s day?

Similar to travelling, comfort is if you need to get up early and are out all day.
Think about what you’ll be doing.  If you’re off to the CBD to do some lingerie shopping then smart casual is fine.
If you’re doing something sporty then ask the organiser if to suggest any special clothing you may need.  Don’t forget to take a change of clothing if what you’re doing will have you end up wet or dirty.

Is the hens party going to be a Fancy Dress Do?

This is probably the most challenging part of any hen night.  Some girls are fine with dressing up but others can’t handle it at all.

Sometimes it can be better to avoid fancy dress. Why?
  • It puts pressure on people who may not want to take part
  • City centre bars and restaurants are clamping down on it so you’re more likely to be refused entry to places
  • It easily identifies you as a hen party, making you more likely to end up in trouble or a victim of crime
If the hen’s friends and of course the hen herself love taking the challenges then we suggest the following:
  • Call the clubs and pubs and let them know you will be coming in fancy dress to avoid any problems
  • Same goes for restaurants
  • Don’t spend heaps on fancy dress outfits and wear other appropriate clothing underneath so you can take the fancy dress off if things change.
  • Never humiliate the bright – you may think dressing the bride up as a giant penis is hilarious but Saturday afternoon shoppers won’t, and the hen might just not like that hot idea either.
If you don’t want fancy dress but do want something to make your hens feel special you could always try a theme based hens party.

You could always choose a hens party theme!

A theme is a nifty idea if you want your hen party girls to have something in common but don’t want to be totally obvious as a hen party group.

It also gives the girls much more freedom in how they interpret it. Let’s say you choose the colour ‘pink’ as your theme. Then your hens can go all out with pink outfits or just choose to add some pink jewellery accessories. This is guaranteed to make everyone feel much more comfortable.

One great idea is to match the theme and the hen.
Does your bride to be have a favourite colour? 

Or does she have a favourite movie that you could pick a theme from? 
What about a clothing style: like a 60s hens night?

For life drawing or painting you might want to bring along a big T-shirt to cover your silk dress. The Bollywood dancing you need to wear clothes you can move in.

Are you going to a hens party in the evening?

Even if none of the above applies to you, you still will face the challenging task of choosing an outfit if you’re off to a hens party in the evening. Here are some hot tips for your hen night party:

  • Out of touch with the latest style? Then pick up a couple of glossy fashion magazines. You can get them for free from your local library.
  • If shopping is part of your hen party then get input from the other girls.  But make sure you bring a back up just in case in case you don’t find anything!
  • Make reservations at clubs and pubs. This beats queueing for ages any day or night.
  • Check out online photo galleries of the venues you’ll be visiting. That will give you a feel for what the style is.
  • Take a range of outfits from mild chic to full on glamour so you can be sure you’ve got all bases covered.
Last but not least, the most important thing about the hen night is to enjoy yourself! 

Yes, what you wear is important but celebrating with your friends is what I hens party is all about.

If all this doesn’t help and you’re still in dire straits with regard to what to wear then contact us at Hens Party Ideas Adelaide and we'll come to the rescue!


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